When looking for a company or tradesman to complete work in your commercial property or home, it is important to choose someone who is Gas Safe Registered. This blog will detail why it is vital you ensure you select a Gas Safe Registered engineer for any work that involves gas.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for any person or business working with gas appliances to be registered as Gas Safe. There is only one official Gas Safe Register for businesses and engineers in the UK. Both the business and the engineers must be registered for gas work to be carried out legally. 

Why does Gas Safe matter?

The Gas Safe Register has been designed to keep the public safe. Gas is a dangerous substance and comes with several other associated dangers such as carbon monoxide. Engineers on the Gas Safe Register are fully qualified and have been assessed to confirm their capabilities. For further peace of mind, engineers are reassessed every 5 years to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date. 

It is also worth noting that using an unregistered engineer to complete work can result in invalid warranties and insurance policies. This would result in high costs and inconvenience if anything should go wrong with your boiler or gas appliance.

How can I check an engineer is on the Gas Safe Register?

There is one very simple way to check if your engineer is Gas Safe Registered and that is by heading to the Gas Safe Register and searching for their name. The register will give you details on what aspects of gas work the engineer is qualified to conduct as well as whether they are registered as a commercial or domestic engineer. As well as searching for individuals you can also search for companies and by location to find an engineer that is near you.

Gas Safe Registered engineers will also carry an ID card that they should show you before entering your home. The ID should include a photo of the engineer, the company they work for, their personal Gas Safe registration number and their company’s Gas Safe Register number. If you have any suspicion that their details may be forged or false, we recommend searching for their name on the official Gas Safe Register to ensure you are dealing with a qualified professional.

At M.E.C. Plumbing and Heating we are proud to be a team of Gas Safe Register professionals, with years of experience across a range of commercial projects including work in schools, hospitals, industrial sites and more. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, or how we can assist with your project please get in touch.