Menorah Primary School

Menorah Primary School is a faith school whose mission is to provide a nurturing and safe environment for children to grow and achieve their full potential

The school’s history, ideology and raison d’être are entwined with its founding community whose ethos and values form the driving force of the school.  Members of this community were refugees who settled in Britain during the early 1940s and took an active part in British culture and industry.  Their achievements have resulted in today’s parents playing key roles in British society; in the world of education, medicine, local government, law, diplomatic relations and philanthropy.  Therefore, there is a pride in being British which permeates throughout the school and the community.

**Text taken directly from Menorah Primary School web-site

Commercial Plumbing

Want to Discuss a Commercial Project?

M.E.C’s Commercial capabilities include but are not exclusive to;

  • Installation of plant rooms Including controls FULL BMS (Business Management System) 
  • Installation of break tanks and boosted water and service risers
  • Previous contracts carried out at  Schools, Hotels, Hospitals Commercial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Planned Preventative maintenance to Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and Commercial Buildings 
  • Secondary works on new build Schools, Flats and Houses

We will take on any job in any location. For competitive rates at a high-end industry standard, look no further than M.E.C for your commercial plumbing, heating and electrical needs.

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Project Overview

Assessment of plant room, provide a design and scope as well as a cost to upgrade the plant room. The existing plant room was 40 years old and needed replacing

What Work Did We Do?

  • Installed 750KW of ideal evo max boilers on a JIG (5 x 150kw each)
  • Installed a new Flue
  • Carried out a commercial power flush
  • Upgraded plant room pipe work
  • Connected plant room pipework to the schools exciting pipework through a 800 kW plate heat exchanger
  • Installed necessary gas valve with auto shut off controlled via a BMS panel

What Was The Project Time-Scale?

Approx 1 Month

Were Any Additional Services Provided?

Whilst on site MEC were also asked to install gas monitoring systems for the bunsen burners in the classrooms and upgrade the old radiators and eroded pipework