The answer here can vary depending on the nature of the property and of your establishment.

A simple answer to when you should get a full inspection of your commercial plumbing done is:

  • Before Signing up to a Leased Commercial Property. If you’re getting ready to add a new location, make sure you have a full professional plumbing inspection done first. This can help you avoid nasty surprises later on.
  • After a Major or Natural Disaster. Here in the UK, we won’t experience the likes of major earthquakes, but high winds and heavy storms can still affect plumbing across the property. Let’s not forget major incidents like fires, flooding, and other occurrences that can damage your building’s infrastructure.
  • At Least Once a Year. Even if you’re doing everything by the book and not causing any damage to your plumbing, you’ll still want to evaluate the condition of your plumbing every year. This can help you spot major issues so they can be corrected before they become damaging to the property.